Event Info

August 21 @ 6pm PST — Participant Meet Up

September 4 @ 6pm PST — Zoom Q&A Call

September 7 @ 9:00am PST — The Big Event!

September 7 — Post-Event Celebration


What Is A Burpee?

The burpee, a full-body exercise, is one of the cornerstones of the Burpee Biathlon™. You start in a standing position, drop down into a squat, kick your legs back, perform a push-up variation, return to a squat, and finish by jumping explosively with your arms above your head. View a burpee video HERE.

Burpees engage multiple muscle groups, including the legs, core, chest, shoulders, and arms. Your chest must fully touch the ground on each rep, your feet must come off the ground on each jump, and your hands must be above your head on each jump.

Alternatively, if you are unable to safely perform a burpee, you can do any of our elevated squat thrust variations shown HERE. No matter what your fitness level, you CAN participate in the Burpee Biathlon™!


BB Mile

Walk/Run 1 Mile

Run/Walk 0.5 mile followed by 30 burpees x 2 rounds (60 burpees & 1 mile total)

BB 3-Mile

Walk/Run 3 Miles

Run/Walk 0.5 mile followed by 30 burpees x 6 rounds (180 burpees & 3 miles total)

BB 5-Mile

Walk/Run 5 Miles

Run/Walk 0.5 mile followed by 30 burpees x 10 rounds (300 burpees & 5 miles total)

Modified BB

Walk 1 Mile

Walk 0.5 mile + 15 elevated squat thrusts x 2 rounds (30 squat thrusts & 1 mile total)

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Full List of Events & Milestones

Open Registration Begins - Coming Soon!

The Burpee Biathlon™ is now open for virtual and in person registrations. There is limited space for the in person event, so register today!

Burpee Biathlon™ Participant Meetup - August 21

All registered participants will be invited to a local in person meet-up to socialize with other Burpee Biathlon™ participants, to practice walking/running paces, to learn and practice the squat thrust variations and burpees, and to ask any questions prior to the event.

Burpee Biathlon™ Live Zoom Q&A Call - September 4

Today we will be offering a live Zoom Q&A call with race founder, Coach Heather Binns, to ease your mind about any questions that are still lingering.

The Big Event! - September 7

Today’s the day to have some fun, to challenge yourself mentally and physically, and to reach new heights in your health & fitness through the 2nd annual Renov8 Fitness Burpee Biathlon™!

Post-Event Celebration - September 7

For those attending the Burpee Biathlon™ in person, we will all meet-up at a local eatery once the event is over to talk, laugh, and reminisce on the amazing experience we all just encountered! Each participant will be responsible for their own food/drink purchases.


Register to Race!

Think you can run 1 mile, 3 miles, or 5 miles? Can you do the same if you have to burpee along the way? Find out at our 2nd annual Burpee Biathlon™ in Los Angeles, California or virtually anywhere worldwide!